How To Pitch A Podcaster To Get Interviewed

Getting on podcasts, video or audio can provide a big boost to increasing your audience and getting attention. Most people are spammy and not strategic when it comes to pitching to podcast hosts. Below is a quick template you can use for inspiration, meaning don’t copy it! Use it to inspire your own pitch while leveraging the key elements.

A good pitch like any marketing should focus more on the receiver and less about you. You should think about how you can add value to their show and audience and less about what’s in it for you.

Overall, make it clear that

  • you have listened to the show and are not blasting to a list of 100s of podcasts
  • you understand how hard it is to find and plan content
  • you have identified some holes in their content that you can help fill
  • you will promote the interview to get more reach from your network
  • you’re willing to reciprocate with an interview of the person you’ve requested to interview


  • make it easy for them to schedule time with you. Tools like Calendly and Acuity Scheduling make this easy and avoid the email ping pong of trying to find open slots everyone hates.
  • offer to record both interviews back to back to make things more efficient
  • offer to help them by leaving a review with no expectation of having them review you back.

Be sure to find podcasts that are not just topic based, meaning you only want to reach out to podcasts that have guests on. Anything else will be a waste of time for both parties.

This format was inspired from advice given by John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneur On Fire podcast.

Subject: Podcast Opportunity

Hello, first name. I just wanted to reach out to introduce myself, Eric Brown here from Line Heat. I love your show and the variety of industry experts you have interviewed such as X, Y & Z. I specifically enjoyed learning about This Amazing Topic.

I did notice you haven’t talked about ABC topic previously and I would love to come on your show and share my knowledge in this area as it happens to be my area of expertise.

I know that coming up with a title and an interview flow can be very time consuming. Here’s a sample title and four to six bullet points that we could chat about as a fellow podcaster.

Insert bullets here.

I also know the importance of sharing this interview when it goes live. If you find mutual value, you can count on me sharing your show with my entire audience. When this interview goes live.

Also, I believe you’d be a great fit for my show and would love to have you on as a guest and introduce your story and expertise to my audience. In fact, we could schedule an hour session and record back-to-back interviews for each other shows to make it an incredible and efficient process.

Here’s my scheduling link if you want to book an hour session. Link To Your Calendar.

I hope to hear from you soon. If none of these times work, please send me your link and I will be happy to book a time that works for you.

– Eric

P.S. I know the importance of ratings reviews for us podcasts are. I went ahead and gave your podcasting well-deserved five star review screenshot attached.

Best of luck with your efforts. If you think you’d be a great fit for working with me, apply here.

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