Leveraging Your Facebook Likes Through Advertising

If you’ve already built an audience for your business Facebook page, you might be wondering how you can leverage those “likes” to generate business. Facebook requires you to “pay to play” if you want to reach your audience through posts in most cases. In previous posts, I discussed whether or not you should care about Facebook Likes and how you can leverage Facebook Live to reach and engage with your audience for free.

Not every post has to be a live broadcast. You probably have great videos or content that you can promote to your audience. If you are running a special, you want to reach people who already love you as well as new customers. Since people who like your page know, like and trust your business, there’s a valid reason to target them through ads. Organic page reach will likely reach under 10% of of your audience leaving the rest of your asset oblivious to your messages. To combat this, simply create a custom audience in your Facebook ad account from the people who like and engage with your page. Once you have that setup, you can target upcoming ads or promote posts through advertising by including this audience in your ad targeting.

Ads and promoted posts targeting your audience will likely receive higher engagement through likes, comments and most importantly shares. The shares are essentially your best fans advertising for you for free. If you present a good offer available for a limited time that has a compelling call to action, you’ll see tremendous results from the ads and posts targeted to your audience.

Bonus tip: Create a custom audience in your ad manager of people who have interacted with your posts in the past 7 days or whatever timeframe makes sense to test. You can setup two ad sets, one targeting your page audience, and one that targets your page audience and excludes those that have interacted with your ads. This test will allow you to see if you get a bump in engagement by reducing the number of times you show an ad or piece of content to someone thereby reducing what is known as “ad fatigue”.

There are many variables to Facebook ad success. They key is to keep testing.

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