Marketing to Local Event Goers is a Gold Mine If Done Correctly

In the past week, I’ve attended three local events in my area, a major conference (eTail East 2018), a beer festival (The Spirit of Hudson) and a local fair (The Bolton Fair). I of course was not alone as these events were attended by thousands of people including, business executives with lucrative expense accounts, beer enthusiasts and families respectively. The one thing in common with all three events is that local businesses did not invite event goers into their business during or after the event. This represents a missed opportunity and hidden goldmine for any business.

You’re probably asking “what exactly am I talking about?” I’m referring to local businesses, restaurants in particular, marketing to local event goers with special offers to attract more business. You know these event goers will need a place to eat, or meet with friends or family afterwards…why not have THAT place be YOURS through deliberate marketing tactics instead of being left to chance? Those extra dollars can be yours instead of your competitor’s.

This is easily achievable by running ads on social media within a certain mile radius of your business to people in the area or traveling within the area. The business travelers at eTail were particularly flush with cash, dining on someone else’s dimeThe Spirit of Hudson beer festival goers having enjoyed themselves thoroughly left hungry and looking for food options in the area despite the available food samples from area restaurants. Families at the Bolton Fair, pressed for time with small children possessing fickle tempers and strict nap time requirements often craved for something more than fried dough or french fries and in a quieter or more relaxed environment. Regardless of the event I was at, everyone was on Facebook or Instagram posting what was happening and getting updates from others. Their streams, like mine were filled with ads for gadgets and a million other unnecessary and unimportant products and services, but not with local food options. Capturing just one group of four could represent tremendous ROI for any ad campaign.

These events will be back and additional opportunities will present themselves throughout the year. If you’d like to learn more about attracting customers who are attending local events into your business, setup a FREE strategy call with us today. Click Here. We’d love to give you some tips and tricks that are working for us and our clients to fill up your seats.

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