Put The Work In Now So You’re Prepared For Tomorrow

I ran a half-marathon today. I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I hadn’t put the work in ahead of time to get my mind and body ready for it.

The same is true for marketing. Just like applying for a loan at the bank, you can just decide to start marketing when you need more customers. You have to plan ahead, build your database of customers and be ready for when you need to reach out to them. The coronavirus and other global issues are examples of things that can happen that will prevent your customers from coming to see you.

Not to mention, but when their newsfeed is filled with articles about bad things happening, they aren’t thinking about you. You need a way to break the news cycle so you can engage with your customers. Spend to build now…your business will thank you for it later. While others are panicking you’ll be building your business and thriving.